Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday. It's drippy and rainy and a bit chilly. In other words a perfect Pacific Northwest afternoon. I love the way the pavement smells when it's damp from the morning drizzle. Ahhhhhh. Breathe in the freshness. I missed the smell of home the most when we were in Las Vegas. Although it was fun to be able to wear shorts and not freeze. 

Cozy days like today give me the bug. The craft bug. My little Cadence has recently become enamored with her dolls. Which has mommy (that's me) dreaming up all sorts of dolly crafts. Which led me down a rabbit hole of Waldorf style dolls. Oh I die a little as I search the web and find the most adorable hand crafted dolls. Thinking to myself "golly gee. I could make one of those". They have sweet rounded faces, tiny sculpted chins, the most exquisite little clothes. I may have found yet another obsession. 
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