Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Obsession: Blog Designs

I'm a very intense person. Most people may not guess because I'm an introvert and quiet. But the intensity... Once I latch on to something I enjoy this wild monster takes over. I get obsessive. Crafts in particular have this effect on me.  Also digital design. I have a love for everything related to digital design. It consumes my thoughts. I'm always drawing inspiration from my surroundings and imagining new creations. 

So lately I've become a bit obsessed with blog design. I've been working for days on some new designs in my shop. It's been sort of all consuming. I'm here to share this with you all. 

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See what I mean? I've been toying with the best way to display these in my shop. I am thinking I like the plain image vs. the backgrounds. 

Click here to see the blog designs in my shop

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