Friday, June 13, 2014

So close I can TASTE it

VEGAS. Yes. In exactly 2 days [48 hrs, 2880 minutes, or 172,800 seconds] I will be getting on an airplane. Alone. With NO kids. Well not totally alone. My husband is coming too. My 2 best friends also. Yuuuuuuup. Yup yup yup. We are leaving the 4 heathens  kids home with grandma. I might actually giggle out loud. My excitement for 5 solid days of not being responsible for 4
tiny humans and 2 needy baby kittens is overshadowing my complete guilt for taking a vacation somewhere other than Disney.  Mackenzy shed some tears last night and pulled on my mommy heart strings. Sigh. But you know what? Mommy. Needs. A. Break. 

And she will be fine. Grandma will be doing all kinds of fun things with them.  There will be cookies and treats. I know this. They will be great.

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