Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm obsessed

I am actually obsessed with kids pajamas. As a mother of 4 this makes sense right?  The price of pajamas for kids is absolutely ridiculous! Usually even with a sale the cheapest is about $10 a pair. Assuming each kid gets 5 pairs that's $200 per season. I lump spring/summer together and fall/winter. So we are talking $400 per year minimum for our family
JUST for pajamas! So I naturally make sure to put pajamas on all their birthday and Christmas wish lists. I tell family - puhleaaaaase for all that is good and holy PLEASE don't buy us more toys!!!! Just get pajamas. They will be used and well loved. Toys you can guarantee as soon as I step on one and get over the pain they will be chucked into a garbage bag and hauled off to either Goodwill or the dump. Honestly. Pajamas. Yes. I am obsessed :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

No time for sleep

Some people sleep before their first night back on night shift. I've been off for a few days. Not me. Nope. I usually end up staring at the wall from about noon until 3 and then maybe I end up dozing for an hour before waking to get ready. The first night back is rough. Always.

We are headed in to Easter weekend. I've had some big craft plans but no time to pull them off
Thank goodness the Easter shopping is done. However.... I've been dying to make the kids some cute Easter themed pajamas. I have this wonderful toy - my embroidery machine. It beckons to me. It keeps me from The things I should be doing (sleep). So I spent a few hours working on these.  I think it was time well spent.

Happy Easter!!

In a deep mood

I'm in a deep mood tonight.  I've been thinking about friendship. You really never know who your true friends are until your relationship has been put to the test.  I've suffered some terrible losses in my life. I'm sure most of us have.  Unfortunately pain and suffering are part of living in this world.

 A dear friend whom I've never met in real life had a terrible loss a few months ago. Terrible. The worst. And I, although I haven't experienced the same level of loss , try my best to identify. To find the correct words. The words that really will never make any of it better. Ever. Never ever ever. I never wanted to be a fair weather friend. Being a true friend is messy. It means being there for the good and the bad. It means rather than standing on the sidelines, getting down and dirty in the mud. It means being able to empathize. Not sympathize. Sympathy is for cowards. Sympathy makes us feel better about ourselves without having to share another persons pain. Empathy is feeling that knife twist when your friend is hurting and being present in the moment in any way possible. When my dad died I was lucky enough to have a friend to come and be with me. To just listen. And let me cry. Because nothing will ever be truly OK. There is nothing to say.  It's all about being present and trying your best to let your friend grieve and to be there as a shoulder to lean on. A true friend is there for the unpleasant. I am willing to be there. Are you?
Dear friend. You know who you are. And I will never speak your name or your private business but I just needed to let you know that no matter what.... You have true friends who are not just standing idly by watching you and saying "gosh I hope she's ok". No. We hurt with you. Your pain is our pain. Your Joy is our joy. And we would give anything to be right there for hugs and support day or night.
Much love.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I would rather just sit here

It's Wednesday and I'm tired. The sun is trying to peak around the clouds and the most marvelous thing is that it is not raining. I can see the backyard from my recliner. It is in dire straights. It needs a weeding, some mulch and perhaps a mowing. But oh man. Do I actually think I will take advantage of the lack of rain and do my chores? I'm considering it. But it requires me to get up and dressed, shoes on. Find the garden tools. Deal with bugs and mud. I've also done the Jillian ripped in 30 video multiple times this week and my muscles are angry. The kids are running circles around me this morning. Destroying my house. And I could either nap during their naptime or work on the yard. It's a tough one.

Maybe I need to just flip a coin. Possibly I just need to suck it up because once it's done I know I'll feel accomplished.


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