Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day and a Freebie!

It's a few days early but I can feel it in the air. Actually that's not entirely true. I've been sick the past 2 days. I'm also pretty certain my kids have strep throat. Thank goodness we can't pass our bugs through the internet. UGH. Really hoping we all feel better this weekend. 

In honor of Valentine's Day I'm offering up a free printable for you! Enjoy! 

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rainbow Hair Bands

Sneak peak - these little cuties will be available in the Peed Family auction tomorrow! 

Join us and bid bid bid!! 

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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Peed Family Auction

A few weeks ago a terrible thing happened to a dear friend. They were in a terrible car accident and the side of their van was struck.  John and Maddie were both airlifted. Grace and Carol made it out with bruises and scrapes. We all prayed and were amazed at their progress. Unfortunately when they woke John from his coma he had a stroke that night. It was severe enough that he was unable to recover. 
Now let me tell you how I know them. I met Carol through a due date group I belong to that originally consisted of moms due in October 2008. My son Ethan was about the same age as John. In fact Ethan came early, but John was actually born on Ethan's due date. Since that time over 6 years ago we have all become very close as a group. We laugh, cry, vent and just gab on a daily basis. I feel really connected to all of them. Friends that live in my computer. I got to meet a whole big group of them in Tennessee over the summer and it was a blast. 
Back to John.  John grew his angel wings on September 24th after spending a night with his mommy and daddy snuggling in bed with all his lines out and in his regular pajamas. Sweet little John was called home that morning.  We are all devastated and crushed. Carol has amazing faith and I know she and her girls have many many loving friends and family around her.  We are hosting an auction from October 12th - October 19th with all proceeds to benefit the Peed family to pay for medical expenses or whatever else they may need. If you miss an opportunity to bid please consider donating to their Go-Fund Me account. 
Link to the Auction
Blessings to all and please give all your little ones an extra hug. 
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Pumpkin Patch 2014

We hit the pumpkin patch yesterday. Lots of squinting into the sun, silly kid poses, little ones trying to pick up pumpkins too heavy for them and more. One of my favorite family traditions. 

 Mike and I - It's so nice to have a child almost as tall as we are so we can have a picture that is not looking up at our chins! 

The Munchkins. Extremely difficult to get them all looking in the same direction at one time! 

Squinting into the sun! We always get a picture next to the Mosby's sign. Liam was not pleased. 

Liam trying to pick up his pumpkin

All my loves

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Halloween Freebie!

Happy Halloween friends! Well almost. It's October 10th. We have been in the spirit lately. Yesterday was our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We actually had great weather and enjoyed NOT tromping through the rain and mud. Rare in October around here! In the spirit of Halloween I made up some very cute little Thank You notes to use.  The adorable clipart are straight from JW Illustrations. She does such lovely work. 
Please follow me on pinterest if you use this file and send some love my way! 


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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A week of firsts

This week has been such a whirlwind! My babies are all starting school. Well - that's not true. My littlest baby is home. But my big babies are all school bound. Mackenzy made it through her first week of middle school intact. She was terrified. She made it. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" I told her as she dashed out of the van and ran into the school with 3 minutes to spare! haha! Sorry kiddo. 

Ethan as always barely said goodbye to me as I dropped him off at Kindergarten. My social butterfly. 

Cadence will be starting Preschool this week. She was timid and shy at orientation today. However, lured in by puzzles and blocks I had to rip her away from the toys to leave. Hopefully drop off will go smoothly on Thursday! 

My little babies! 

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Free Printable - First Day of School

A little gift to all the parents out there that are high-fiving as they send their kids off to school. Peace at last!  I will have 2 kids at home instead of 4 so I will share a virtual *high five* with anyone who wants to participate! The light at the end of the tunnel... I see it. It's out there.  The days of crisp fall weather (soon I hope), deep earth toned oranges and browns, pumpkin spice lattes (Mmmmmm), and homework are upon us. Yes. I said the "H" word. HOMEWORK. Send your little cutie out the door with a quick picture holding up one of these cute and FREE printable signs. I've included Pre-K, Pre-school, Kindergarten, and 1st - 8th grade. Hey if you can still get your 8th grader to hold up a sign on the first day you get major props! Enjoy! Go out, learn and be safe. 
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6th Grade Eve

It's the night before my oldest baby girl starts 6th grade. Middle school. YUP. you heard me.  MIDDLE SCHOOL... the place where the big kids go. The place where kids go from babies to teens. How did this happen so fast? I remember the day she was born. Literally like it was yesterday! I still remember the shock when my doctor announced that I was in labor and "today was THE day". 
And now... middle school. She is my first born.  This means that every milestone that is her first is also MY first. I cried that day I sent her to Kindergarten. I died inside when she told me that she was lonely on the playground and I wanted SO badly to go to school and be her friend. Yet, she found her way. She made some friends and blossomed. She always has.
I still remember the day her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Park, called me at home to let me know that Mackenzy had lost her very first tooth on the playground and they couldn't find it. *sigh* We told her the tooth fairy would go find and that it was no big deal. 
Her first day riding the bus - mommy died a little inside. Worried to death that she wouldn't make it home on the right bus. Yet she did. 

More tomorrow. This mama has to be up at 6 am to braid Mackenzy's hair and get us all out the door. 
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An ounce of prevention

It's summertime. The temperatures have climbed into the triple digits in some parts of the country. Even here in the Seattle area our days are reaching 80-90 degrees. It is just HOT. HOT. HOT.  And the news is once again peppered with news of tragic loss. Parents who forget their kids in a hot car. It's so heartbreaking. As a mom to 4 lovely babies it tugs at my heart strings. I know every parent's worst nightmare is becoming one of those tragic stories. So if I can save even one child I'm going to try. Here is a freebie for all of you. Please print this out. Cut it out. Punch 2 holes in the top and tie a string or a ribbon through it. Hang it on your rear view mirror. You could also tape it to your steering wheel or driver side window. Attach it to your purse strap with a zip tie. Whatever you think would get your attention during a moment of distraction because it really only takes a moment. I plan on attaching one to my mirror and putting one on my key ring. Never be complacent. Ever. Please share this with a friend also if you like. Print out a bunch and hand them out. 
Click here to download

Have a safe and healthy summer! 

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole

I'm working on a project. It's requiring all natural products like real genuine carded wool... There is a little farm near my house with baby goats and big goats to see... And freshly shorn wool. Oh lord. My wallet. My sanity. I won't divulge what I'm up to until I achieve some small shred of success. Ha. It may be awhile. But gah. The world of natural fibers and felting is like entering another dimension. 

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