Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Free Printable - First Day of School

A little gift to all the parents out there that are high-fiving as they send their kids off to school. Peace at last!  I will have 2 kids at home instead of 4 so I will share a virtual *high five* with anyone who wants to participate! The light at the end of the tunnel... I see it. It's out there.  The days of crisp fall weather (soon I hope), deep earth toned oranges and browns, pumpkin spice lattes (Mmmmmm), and homework are upon us. Yes. I said the "H" word. HOMEWORK. Send your little cutie out the door with a quick picture holding up one of these cute and FREE printable signs. I've included Pre-K, Pre-school, Kindergarten, and 1st - 8th grade. Hey if you can still get your 8th grader to hold up a sign on the first day you get major props! Enjoy! Go out, learn and be safe. 
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