Thursday, August 9, 2007

Farm Adventures

We have had the most amazing week! Mom is here visiting and we all made a trip over the mountains and stopped at the ranch. Aunt Xan took us all down the lane to pick raspberries from the garden. Mackenzy fed the chickens and loved it! Katy found 2 fresh eggs in the chicken coop. Mackenzy wasn't quite ready to go into the chicken coop. We were also lucky enough to see Jim, Sue, and Jody. Mackenzy had the most fun throwing the ball for the dog. We had a lovely lunch with Aunt Xan and Uncle John Jay. It was so nice to see everyone. Below are some pictures of our adventure on the Ranch. Mackenzy also recieved a little stuffed buffalo which she named "fiona". Fiona has been in her arms the entire week. We were expecially impressed by the gigantic buffalo on the wall in the dining room.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

We love our Kitty!

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Kitty Found!

Wow! We finally found our kitty. She was lost for at least 3 days and I was beginning to lose hope. I called all the animal shelters,animal control, we updated our info at our vet just in case someone found her and called. Mackenzy and I even walked the entire neighborhood putting up fliers and searched everywhere. I had pretty much given up hope when Mike found her on the rooftop. She was probably up there the whole time, hungry, thirsty, and scared. But we found her! Yay! A happy ending for our family. :)


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