Thursday, May 8, 2014


Last night I spent 3 hours working on cleaning up Liam's room and transforming it from girly ladybugs to an Elephant theme. I have curtains to sew and hang and a few more art pieces. I'm pleased so far though!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Fever

So we have had an interesting week. Spring fever has hit in more ways than one. Literally both Liam and Cadence have been running fevers this week. Both caught a bug and also managed to transfer it to me causing me to become ill over the weekend. Fun. I love draining my non-existent sick bank at work... *sarcasm*  Liam also got his MMR vaccine so we are now catching the fever from that and he has been busy crying non-stop. My poor boo boo :( It breaks my heart.
See? Poor buddy. Please feel better! 

The other spring fever I've caught has been the spring cleaning fever. We have finally managed to transition Cadence into a bunk bed and OUT of her crib. Having mastered that - Cadence and Ethan were sharing a badly hodge podged room full of airplanes, Halo figurines (um.... thanks Mike?), and just well... frankly crap everywhere. Liam was still sitting in a room full of leftover lady bugs from Cadence. What to do?

The theme I picked for Ethan and Cadence is bright, cheery and beachy. Full of whales and sea themed fun. 
Ethan said this evening "I've got my dream room!" Poor little guy is so excited to have a room that actually looks pulled together. 
Fabric for the curtains

Wall prints - also added a whale hook below for coats

All pulled together and cheery and CLEAN!

Homemade surfboards for the walls

It's not the BEST but it sure is better than it was. And my 5 year old and 3 year old are over the moon thrilled. Happy kids = happy mommy. Clean room also = happy mommy! 

Next - Liam's room!


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