Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wubbanuba something... = awesome

We just got a delivery from UPS. I love amazon prime 2 day shipping. Because 1) It's FREE and 2) I only have to wait TWO days to get my item. Not a week.

So this morning the doorbell rang and my first thought was "Shit, who's here". Mainly because I am sitting in my jammies... So of course Ethan hollers out "What's that noise?".  SHhhhhhh!!!! Whomever is at the door might hear us and we are HIDING!

Then I hear the UPS truck start up. I tiptoe to the window and peak out and nobody is standing there. Thank goodness!

The package at the door is my Woobanub. Or something. It's a stuffed toy with a binkie attached. Supposed to make it easier to keep the binky in the babies mouth. Yes, I'm a lazy mom. This is baby #3 and the days of popping the binky repeatedly back in a baby mouth have grown old and weary. I want help. So thank you Wubbanubba whatever. Thank you. :)


I am fascinated by the gadget that shows me locations of the people that visit my blog. Someone from the Russian federation visited 6 days ago. Seriously! lol. Weird and cool. So to my Russian Federation visitor: Hello .--------> привет!

Sitting - not for the faint of heart

She is 6 months old... and change. :( Mommy is not handling the aging of the baby well. Her latest trick? Trying to tripod and sit up. She does baby crunches a lot. She can sit up for approximately a millionth of a second before toppling. Or she bends so far over her little forehead nearly touches the floor. Cue the spit up!


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