Friday, October 10, 2014

The Peed Family Auction

A few weeks ago a terrible thing happened to a dear friend. They were in a terrible car accident and the side of their van was struck.  John and Maddie were both airlifted. Grace and Carol made it out with bruises and scrapes. We all prayed and were amazed at their progress. Unfortunately when they woke John from his coma he had a stroke that night. It was severe enough that he was unable to recover. 
Now let me tell you how I know them. I met Carol through a due date group I belong to that originally consisted of moms due in October 2008. My son Ethan was about the same age as John. In fact Ethan came early, but John was actually born on Ethan's due date. Since that time over 6 years ago we have all become very close as a group. We laugh, cry, vent and just gab on a daily basis. I feel really connected to all of them. Friends that live in my computer. I got to meet a whole big group of them in Tennessee over the summer and it was a blast. 
Back to John.  John grew his angel wings on September 24th after spending a night with his mommy and daddy snuggling in bed with all his lines out and in his regular pajamas. Sweet little John was called home that morning.  We are all devastated and crushed. Carol has amazing faith and I know she and her girls have many many loving friends and family around her.  We are hosting an auction from October 12th - October 19th with all proceeds to benefit the Peed family to pay for medical expenses or whatever else they may need. If you miss an opportunity to bid please consider donating to their Go-Fund Me account. 
Link to the Auction
Blessings to all and please give all your little ones an extra hug. 
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