Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I would rather just sit here

It's Wednesday and I'm tired. The sun is trying to peak around the clouds and the most marvelous thing is that it is not raining. I can see the backyard from my recliner. It is in dire straights. It needs a weeding, some mulch and perhaps a mowing. But oh man. Do I actually think I will take advantage of the lack of rain and do my chores? I'm considering it. But it requires me to get up and dressed, shoes on. Find the garden tools. Deal with bugs and mud. I've also done the Jillian ripped in 30 video multiple times this week and my muscles are angry. The kids are running circles around me this morning. Destroying my house. And I could either nap during their naptime or work on the yard. It's a tough one.

Maybe I need to just flip a coin. Possibly I just need to suck it up because once it's done I know I'll feel accomplished.

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