Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm obsessed

I am actually obsessed with kids pajamas. As a mother of 4 this makes sense right?  The price of pajamas for kids is absolutely ridiculous! Usually even with a sale the cheapest is about $10 a pair. Assuming each kid gets 5 pairs that's $200 per season. I lump spring/summer together and fall/winter. So we are talking $400 per year minimum for our family
JUST for pajamas! So I naturally make sure to put pajamas on all their birthday and Christmas wish lists. I tell family - puhleaaaaase for all that is good and holy PLEASE don't buy us more toys!!!! Just get pajamas. They will be used and well loved. Toys you can guarantee as soon as I step on one and get over the pain they will be chucked into a garbage bag and hauled off to either Goodwill or the dump. Honestly. Pajamas. Yes. I am obsessed :)

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