Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm Cheap

There I said it! I am C H E A P. I have expensive taste but I'm on a Top Ramen budget. Being a mom of 4 and the only source of income right now is of course part of the budget part.  We live comfortably and I'm proud of that. However, there are certain things I want.  I could sit around and wait for Santa to deliver the things I want. Believe me... I've waited. I'm still waiting...  Hello? Santa? Anyone??? **tap tap tap** Is this thing on? 

So while I wait for Santa, I've learned to be resourceful and clever. I've stalked Craigslist. However, lately with the  invasion  popularity of the almighty Facebook, a new phenomenon has cropped up. The virtual local community buy, sell, trade sites. Oh my. Be still my heart! So many things. I want to buy ALL THE THINGS!!! It's a 24/7 yard sale directly on my computer or smart phone. It is HIGHLY addicting and sooooo tempting. Who wants brand new stuff when you can buy awesome used stuff for less than half the price! My kids are so well dressed thanks to our local rich neighbors hand me downs. Thankyouverymuch! hehe! 

So this brings me to my steal of the day. YES. Steal. I have been DYING to have a Phil and Teds stroller since the day I saw one at the zoo. I think it was about 4 years ago. My jaw dropped open and I'm pretty sure I had to pick it up off the ground. It's so smooth, so sleek, so amazingly light and agile with the footprint of a single stroller. It makes my Sit and Stand stroller look... so unsexy. Now don't get me wrong. The Sit and Stand is great. It's fine. Really. It's so heavy though and I have always felt like I'm driving a bus when I push it around (Of course being a large and in charge stroller comes in handy when fighting through a crowd of people at the fair). 

Last night I was laying in bed scrolling my favorite local yard sale site on Facebook. Like a beacon in the darkness (yes that's dramatic) I scrolled through the strollers and there she was! 

I think I heard angels singing.

I felt sad at first because I noticed it had been posted for sale a whole day ago. SURELY it's already been taken. :( However when I scrolled down I realized this was meant to be! No comments yet. My fingers scrambled to type "Interested" as fast as I could lest someone jump ahead of me in line. I quickly hit enter and refreshed to make sure. MINE! YES! 

When I picked it up today I was expecting it to have some sort of fault for the price, surely this must be a mistake. Nope. It's perfect and she even took off $25, threw in a rain cover and threw in an extended sun shade.  Have you ever had that kind of service at Babies R Us? I haven't! Then she showed me all the little tricks and helped me fold it down. I nearly skipped with glee to my van  mommy-mobile. Huzzah! 

The Hubster, of course, freaked when he saw my gold mine. Men. They don't get it. How could they? Rarely are they the ones toting 2 screaming babies through a crowded mall and trying to navigate the teeny tiny spaces between clothing racks in Ann Taylor. Honestly. SMH. This is why I purchase first and explain later. 

"But you already have 3 strollers?!" He exclaimed in a confused voice. 
"Yes but this is different", I calmly explained. "This is a Phil and Teds. You can't just miss an opportunity like this. It's epic. I NEED THIS STROLLER." 

Long pause.... "Let me see it" he says as he heads out to the car saying to my 5 year old "your mom won't stop buying junk". Ha! Junk! Ha. Hahahahahahaha!!! Oh no. 

Don't you worry. He is impressed. The Sit and Stand stroller is now for sale on the local yard sale site. Hopefully someone will find it as sexy and enticing as I found the P&T stroller. 

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