Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Smart Cookie Labels for teachers

I've been a busy bee today. This morning I went to a friend's baby shower and took along the little man and the diva. We had a great time and some delicious peanut butter pie. YUM. There goes my Atkins diet today. Oh well. I haven't slipped up in 3 weeks. So today was my first cheat day. To be honest, I actually feel kind of icky and tired - which makes me wonder about my tolerance to sugar now that I've grown accustomed to not needing it. Interesting how my tastes have changed so quickly! 

This afternoon included some playing around with Minnie Mouse Birthday invitations per a custom request from a friend. I never waste an opportunity to do a custom order so I also made versions to sell in my shop. They are SOOOO cute.

Matching Thank You Notes as well of course: 

And then because I was on a roll..... TENT CARDS 

Now on to my favorite design of today. 

Tomorrow is Ethan's preschool graduation. I really can't believe its the absolute LAST day of preschool ever for him. SIGH. His preschool teachers were so amazing this year. Every day they had fun crafts and art projects. I have his artwork hanging all over the house. I really admire how upbeat and patient they are. Best preschool teachers EVER. So they deserve a little token of appreciation for all that hard work. 

How fun is that? I filled 16 oz plastic freezer canning jars with chocolate chip cookies. YUM. Printed these tags, cut out the circles and taped to the lid. Then I added a bow with a dab of hot glue. 

Ethan will need to sign these in the morning. If you are interested in this printable the pictures will link directly to my shop listing. Enjoy! 

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