Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Father's Day Plans and Kittens

Father's Day is creeping up quickly. I actually thought it was next week and then *gasp* I just realized that it is THIS SUNDAY!! Eeeeeep. I need to get rolling on our plans. My husband is the best father. He really does so much for the kids. I am so lucky to have him. Also he always gives me exactly what I want for Mother's Day. Usually my Mother's Day consists of a clean house while I sleep in, a latte and waffles in bed (yum) and cute handmade cards and crafts from the kids. We decided we really like the idea of doing journals instead of cards so that we can keep the little things the kids give us.  I am of course going to take this project and run with it. I might get a little carried away sometimes. Maybe. 
So tonight when I was making a midnight run for formula to feed our kittens (what? That's normal right?) I found a great journal. First how about a glimpse of the kittens that warrant a midnight run to the local Walmart to brave whatever lurks in order to feed their tiny little tummies. 

This is Oreo. Look at that wittle face! 

This is Riley. A little love. 

Anyhow... The journal. Yes. 
I bought the one on the far right. 

How cute is that! I'm in love with this theme AND I am planning some Printables for our Father's Day breakfast this weekend to match. Stay tuned! 

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