Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rundown: Update

Interesting that I posted how run down I've been feeling. Today my doctor called me to inform me that I do in fact have anemia. Crap! I mean Awesome! ha. Meaning I get to start taking iron. Guess that means my insides will turn to cement until after this baby is born. Yup pregnancy is so glamorous! Oh and my platelets are low. 98,000 down from 120,000 a few weeks ago. So PIT here we come. For those of you who don't know that's Pregnancy Induced Thrombocytopenia which is a fancy way of saying low platelets caused by pregnancy. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Here's another fun vocab word: Contractions. Plenty of those to go around too. I'm at 31 weeks and my uterus hates me. :) For family and friends that read this blog this is my update. I spent the afternoon at L&D yesterday for contractions that persisted for about 7 hours. Luckily with 2 bags of IV fluid they dropped from every 3-5 minutes down to about every 10-20 minutes. I am not dilating and my FFN swab was negative. (Did you know you need a medical degree to read this blog entry?) Fetal Fibronectin is a protein they check to see if you are in danger of pre-term labor. So negative is a good sign. I got the green light to continue working as long as I don't do ANYTHING while I'm at home except lay on my side. {insert hysterical laughter here} Yeah.... Um that's so not going to happen. I'm trying though. My house looks like an explosion of cat hair and toys. I'm literally climbing the walls I need to vacuum so badly. I also have so much more I want to do. Here is my to-do list that nags at me constantly:
1. Sew Ethan's comforter - I ordered fabric today but darn it I want it here right now
2. Put together Ethan's toddler bed and rearrange his room. Get rid of excess toys.
3. Transition him to his toddler bed. I'm scared of this step!
4. Clean out the spare bedroom and move the crib in.
5 Clean out spare bedroom closet.
6. Arrange Cadence's room and decorate
7. wash all her clothes and put them away
8. Put together bassinet
9. Finish up buying some of the last minute essentials. Diapers, wipes, changing table pad and cover, pump parts, all that fun stuff.
10. Clean out the cars to make room for a 3rd child!!
11. Pack hospital bag. Buy coming home outfit for Cadence.(yeah I'm being picky on this)
12. Try not to go insane while my house falls to shambles around me from neglect while keeping the kids happy, fed and clean. Oh and clean the house! Make sure we all have clean clothes to wear. Continue to work so we have money.... ummmmm
13. Deliver a healthy full term baby

Can you see I'm feeling overwhelmed and behind? Trying not to tear my hair out here. So will someone PLEASE tell my uterus to behave so I can work on my to-do list? Thanks!


Angela said...

BEHAVE UTERUS!! Ha.. now tell mine to behave too ;-)

hmgarver421 said...

Oh GEESH mama! Hugs!


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