Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Wow what a day! Today we put together Ethan's big boy bed. Sounds simple right?  Ha! Like anything is ever simple for us. Here's how it went. First we tried just rolling the crib out of his room. Didn't fit through the doorway. So we took off the door. Still not budging. So Mike took one side rail off and while he was at it he raised the mattress back up for the new baby. Got it as far as the hallway turned up on one side and then we couldn't get it to fit through the baby's room. Next Mike tried taking off the door to the baby room and the hinges wouldn't budge. Grr! (Imagine the words coming out of his mouth... my 2 year old said the "F" word today... but that is another story for another day) So then we had to just go ahead and dismantle the entire crib. This crib is the biggest PITA. There are so many screws. Then he had to reassemble it. By this time it has been well over an hour and it is almost 2 pm. Note that is 2 hours PAST Ethan's nap time. Things are spiraling downhill fast. Then my poor hubby gets to put together the "big boy bed". Again so many screws and pieces it'd make your head spin. Does it really need to be this complicated?

 By almost 3 pm we finally have the bed together, sheets and blanket on, pillow pet and teddy bear ready to go. Get Ethan hyped up for his nap and he comes running in to his bedroom, trips, falls and bursts into tears. Now he's hysterical because he's overly tired and he bumped his tummy on the toy he was carrying when he tripped. I start to tuck him in. He's clawing at my neck saying "No thank you! Don't want it!" and crying. Um.... mommy guilt kicks in. Here I am forcing my baby to grow up so that I can have his crib for the new baby. Now this mommy is in tears. Ethan is in tears. I try to put on a brave face and hide the fact that I have a lump the size of New York City in my throat and my eyes are brimming. Darn preggo hormones. I hold him for a little while and finally tuck him in, tell him to stay put. He looks at me with those big puppy dog brown eyes and nods. His face is streaked with tears. I flee the room so I can lay down on my own big girl bed and cry my broken mommy heart out. Ha ha! It's funny now. He did settle down and actually nap. I consider that a victory now that my judgement is better. (mommy took a nap too)

Tonight at bedtime he is all smiles when I tuck him in. I take a picture of him posing proudly on his bed saying "Cheese". Adorable. Of course my damn  memory stick didn't hold onto the picture. It is lost somewhere in a big black hole of lost pictures. Stupid technology. I will try to get a picture of him on his big boy bed for tomorrow. Here are a few crummy ones from my iPhone without Ethan in them. Tonight has been a long day. I'm sure there are many more days like this to come. This mommy doesn't do change well and it's so bittersweet watching my babies grow up.
Ethan's big boy bed. The teddy bear was mine, given to me as a baby from my Grandma Kathy


Jennifer said...

the bed looks adorable, momma. sorry for all the stress getting there, but at least he seems to love it, right? :)

Christa said...

He does love it now. Thank goodness! I was so worried that first day. 2 nights under our belts of Ethan sleeping in his new bed. So happy it's working.


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