Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wow, my last update was way back in June. I'm such a horrible blogger. Sorry about that. I'm almost 100% sure nobody reads this anyway. ha ha
Most know we are excitedly expecting baby #3 due in March. I just am feeling huge these days. I really am. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and my tummy is overtaking my body. Here's a comparison that I find amusing. This was back in September when I was about 14 weeks pregnant.

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Here I am a few short weeks ago at 28 weeks. Notice the intense look? Yeah, long night and miss Cadence was "standing on my spine" as Kristen McD so eloquently put it. I need to do an updated photo soon.

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Is it horrible that the bulk of my belly shots this pregnancy have been taken in the bathroom? And most with my iphone? I need to get some nice pictures done before I pop.



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