Monday, January 24, 2011


Ok. This is insane. It's 4 am and here I am wide awake. Blogging from my iPhone because I just can't sleep. Ironically Cadence is fast asleep so i can't even blame this on baby kicks. All I can do is lay here and think about that darn comforter I want to sew for Ethan. If I had the material I needed i'd just get up and do it. Unfortunately the local joanns doesn't sell my Riley Blake wheels fabric. I have to order it. And wait. Patience is something I'm running very low on these days. So is sleep. Maybe my body is preparing me for the months of sleepless nights ahead? Maybe it's just night shift messing with my sleep/ wake cycle again. The more I want to sleep I can't.

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Angela said...

I feel your pain mama, sleep is something we are all short on these days and I love how it always happens when you are so close and know that you NEED the sleep NOW because you aren't going to get those precious hours of sleep in a few weeks when that baby comes out! URGH Hang in there <3


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