Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cars and progress

So so excited to have this comforter finished. I think I actually love it more than the one I was going to order. It ended up costing me more than the store bought one but it was so worth it. Thanks to sleeping all day I'm not tired so what better use of my time than to stay up late sewing a comforter for my little boy. Tomorrow we set up his "big boy" bed and put his new sheets and comforter on. Crossing my fingers that he will love it and actually sleep in his new bed. This was the first step to preparing for the baby. Once Ethan is in his new bed we can move the crib into Cadence's room and get her things set up and put away. Hurray for having the whole weekend to do it and for having a husband that is also home to help with all the heavy stuff.

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