Monday, December 5, 2011

Sick... and tired

For pete's sake I've caught the plague from the children. Started last week with stomach pyrotechnics (I won't go into details, use your imagination), body aches, chills, fever. Now it has morphed into some nasty respiratory thing that has settled in to my sinuses and chest. Pounding headache. I am not pleased. Not one bit. My poor babies have all been suffering from the same thing. I am debating a trip to the doctor. But I hate going in and being told that we all have viruses. Then receiving a hefty medical bill to add to our stack of bills for said visit. So tough it out we will.

I am proud that I had the energy yesterday to do a North Pole Breakfast. Wish I could say the same about today. So far I've managed to dress the kids and change their diapers. We've all had breakfast (cereal) and I am now sitting like a zombie in a chair unable to move. Cadence is jumping away in her jumperoo and Ethan is watching whatever is on Disney. This mom is ready to go back to bed. YUCK. Wake me up when it's spring, OK?

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