Monday, January 30, 2012

A day of firsts

I forgot to post the day that Cadence started crawling. January 8th - exactly 10 months old. This is funny because Ethan started crawling at exactly 9 months (6.20.2009). Memorable for me. But for some reason I can't remember when Mack started crawling. Dang. She was not amused. I should have made something up so she wouldn't feel left out. I think 10ish months with Mack.

So today's firsts -
#1. Ethan used the POTTY unprompted. He ran into the bathroom, shut the door in my face and used the potty on his own! I was so happy! He was dry too! Hurray!!! I can see an end to cleaning up toddler poops (at least temporarily) on the horizon. I am desperate to get him into preschool in the fall to give him something special of his own to do and get him out of the house and socialized. We are making progress!

#2. While I was filling up the bathtub Cadence pulled herself from sitting to standing on the edge of the tub. She promptly fell over but not before I could snap a pic with my phone. :) Big girl!

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