Saturday, December 3, 2011

North Pole Breakfast 2011

December is here and with it we have a new guest in our house. Our house elf Fred! He arrived from the Northpole the day after Thanksgiving and has been creating mischief since he arrived. So far he's sat and observed the kids from the shelf and a wreath on the door, had a snowball fight with our Christmas teddy bears, took a ride in Barbie's convertible (and stole Daddy's keys!) and now..... he has prepared a feast! This will be our first North Pole Breakfast.

Oh Yum! Fred has outdone himself. What a clever little guy! We have an array of sugary goodies that would make our dentist cringe. 

We have Snowball Donuts, Hot Chocolate with Icebergs (mini marshmallows), Gingerbread cookies, Chocolate Elf Kisses, Reindeer Orange Juice, Gumdrop Yogurt and of course because she's a mom, Mrs Clause sent us some fruit. hehe

Yes, Fred is mighty proud. He took a bite of a snowball after his hard work. Such a little guy needs calories! 

I can't wait to see the kids reaction in the morning! 

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