Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Wish List '11

I've been getting lots of  pressure  requests for our Christmas wish lists. Do you know how hard it is to come up with a wish list for FIVE people. FIVE. lol. For this slacker it is tough. So here we go...!

White T-shirts size L or XL, Hanes tagless, round neck
Beef Jerky or Pepperoni Sticks
Movie Gift Cards (Regal Cinema)
The Office Season 6
Barnes and Noble Gift card
iTunes gift card
Seahawks hat
Seahawks anything

Barnes and Noble Gift Card
Nook Cover
iTunes Gift Card
New eyemask to block the light - and earplugs
2011 Family Christmas Ornament
Santa Frame for the kids santa picture
Snowman Christmas Decorations
Travel Coffee Mug that doesn't leak
Starbucks gift card - or starbucks ANYTHING


Junie B. Jones Books
Sewing supplies (fabric, thread, ect)
Scrapbooking albums
Scrapbooking supplies
Pictures for her scrap books
Crafts supplies (paints, paper, crayons, ect0
American Girl doll and clothes
iTunes Gift card
Hair things (headbands, ect)
Shoes size 3 (big girls)
Winter boots size 3
Snowpants size 9/10
Long Sleeved shirts size 9/10
Leggings (she already has brown, black, yellow)

Pants/Jeans size 4 with adjustable waist
Long sleeved shirts/sweaters size 4
Winter Coat size 4
Trains to go with his Geotrax set
Kids Christmas DVD
Games to go with his Innotab (V-tech)
Nerf "bullets" to go in his Nerf guns

Jammies size 12 -18 month
Board books
Chewie toys
Any clothing (warm winter) size 12-18 month especially onesies
Hair pretties (baby headbands)
Baby's first Christmas ornament
Ladybug artwork for her room (pinks/reds)

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