Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No more hair

Ok this mama is tired and fed up with cat hair. It is everywhere! I can vacuum and minutes later my clean carpets are again covered in clumps of cat hair. Ugh. It's not the cat's fault. She has long hair. Cat's shed. It's a fact of life. But I'm pregnant and tired and dang it she's clogging up my vacuum with her mane. So the solution: clip it. I took her to the groomer yesterday and she did surprisingly well. She had never been groomed before. Ever. I thought once the clippers came out that I was going to be covered in cat scratches. She was very good. She layed there on the table and let us torture her. The only time she tried to bite was when they clipped the hair on her front legs. That was fun! She managed to nip me once but luckily not the groomer. Is her new "do" pretty? Absolutely not! She looks really really ridiculous! Is it functional and going to help with my hair problem? Absolutely! (don't worry she is an indoor only kitty so she doesn't need a fur coat. I promise she won't freeze) Here are some shots of our new Jewel. (sorry darling)

Before: (taken a few years ago) look at all that hair!



Angela said...

OMG LMAO!!!! Poor Cat!

Brie Herrera said...

Bwahahaha! No matter how many 'lion-cut' kitties I see I can never keep my laughter in. And this is after I've done the work and shaved a few mean kitties myself... always makes you feel better about your scratches when they leave looking ridiculous (but kinda cute). Love the round belly you can see now....ahh, if cats could talk!

Christa said...

lmao! She has such a fat tummy! Poor cat. Yeah the shaved look is so unglamorous but oh so worth it. teehee


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