Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pill Popper

So the horrible thing? I pop pills all day long. Even worse? Sometimes I forget and end up needing to play catch up. That is no fun. It's 10:30 and I just realized I forgot to start my day off with my synthroid. This one has to be taken on an empty stomach. Oops. Then I have all these stupid vitamins I'm supposed to take along with my procardia. Then if I forget my zantac I am screwed! Same with the zofran. I am sitting here thinking, gee why is my esophagus burning and what's up with the nausea? Oh yeah. It would help if I had taken my morning pills. Hmph. You'd think being a nurse I'd be better at this. I am great at keeping track of pills for others but for myself I just don't give a flying flip. Unless I start to notice I feel "off". Great huh? So I just popped all my morning pills. Lined 'em up and shoved 'em down the hatch. I will be in so much trouble if I ever get really ill and need to take this crap long term.

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