Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18th - Barbies

January 18th - Barbies, originally uploaded by christakp.

So my darn camera is playing evil tricks on me. I took several great shots of Ethan and Mackenzy but for some reason when I put the card in the computer the pictures were gone! Ugh!!!

This one stuck though. Here is Mackenzy doing one of her absolute favorite things. She loves her barbie dolls. She is using her Hannah Montana closet as a house. Cute. Also, she's wearing the new shirt from Jenny and Chelle. Thanks girls! So cute!

We went to lunch with Jenny today who was nice enough to drive all the way down here to the middle of nowhere. Thanks for lunch miss!


wheatjl said...

Anytime! :) I am glad she liked the shirt. I want one in my size.

Christa said...

me to!


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