Friday, March 28, 2014

Comfort and sleep... the joys of memory foam

Question: How does one know when one is over the hill? (yup I'm writing in 3rd person, ain't I fancy?)

Answer: When one writes an entire post about memory foam mattress toppers.

If you have not yet discovered the bliss of sleeping on a cloud of heaven you may not have a memory foam mattress topper. I however now know the joys of such a wonderful nights sleep. OH MY HEAVEN.  My poor children. They have to rip me out of bed in the morning now because I am so comfortable. I may not even budge if Mt. Rainier erupted. *sigh*

Gel infused memory foam bliss. They should just call it BLISS. This is not my bed by the way. Mine is not that pretty. But it is extremely comfortable! 
Are you jealous yet? You should be! :) Just call me a happy camper. Now can someone make my husband stop snoring? THAT my friends would solve all my problems.

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