Monday, June 14, 2010

Pimp my blog

I just pimped my blog. again. Except I can't seen to get the darn border out of my header image. Drat!!! Ack!!! I want to chuck this computer out the window. However since I know that doing that is extremely counterproductive I'll refrain for now. Guess the neighbors won't find out how nuts I am, not today anyway.

Anyhow, this blog started out with project 365 and that has fallen by the wayside. Why? Well... let me tell you! I've been busy! Work and kids have caught up with me and some days I feel like I'm treading water with my chin barely above the crashing waves. *gulp* I'm drowning. DROWNING! Ok that's being dramatic. I'm also lazy. But I think I'll go with drowning as my excuse for now. Cue the violins. We took some fabulous pictures of the kids yesterday. They were splashing around in the pool, running around the yard. It was so nice and warm! Of course today we are back to the clouds. Boohoo! Oh June, why do you tease us so? Pictures can be found HERE you have to be my friend of facebook to view them. I'm assuming if you made it to this blog you are on facebook? hmmm. :)


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