Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We're Expecting!

It's true! We are expecting our 2nd baby! Mackenzy is convinced it will be a girl. The other day she drew a picture of Me, Daddy, Mackenzy, and a little baby wearing a dress. Mike is convinced it's a boy and I don't really know. I'd be happy with either one, but a boy of course would be great since we already have our little princess. :) Our due date is Oct. 9, 2008 and we have our first ultrasound appointment this Thursday. I'm a little nervous but will feel much better once we see the heartbeat. This week I definately feel pregnant. My nausea is rearing its ugly head! So far I've kept it under control with my Unisom/B6 combo at night and a Zofran every morning. I'll be sure to post a picture from the ultrasound!

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